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Air Purifier The air around us that we breathe may appear clean but it is filled with pollutants such as, smoke, dust mites, VOCs, PM10s, PM2.5s moulds, bacteria, virus, spores, dust particles, formaldahyde, pollen and pet dander. Invisible the naked eye, the levels of these pollutants will vary depending on where you live, the time of year and weather conditions.

We often think of airborne pollution as being a problem in cities and towns due to pollution from vehicles, this is indeed a major influence on air quality but many do not realise the many sources of pollution within your home. When measuring the air uality within a home or office the term used is 'indoor air quality', often abreviated to IAQ.

Our bodies can filter out dust particles but are not able to stop VOCs or very fine articles such PM10s from getting into our lungs and also into our bloodstreams. A good quality air purifier will filter out and remove these pollutants, giving you and your family cleaner, healther air to breathe.

Our website will provide you with information and guides to help you choose and purchase the right air purifier for your needs. We can provide you with un-biased information and reviews as we do not manufacture or directly sell air purifiers or have ties to any one manufacturer or supplier.

Do you need an Air Purifier?

Sadly, for most of us the air we breathe will contain pollutants. There have been numourous studies linking heart disease and strokes to air borne pollution. Some people with asthma or hayfever find relief from their symptons with an air purifier. And for many others, they simply want to reduce their exposure to pollution and the potential for long health problems.

What are the benefits?

Reducing the level of pollution in the air has many benefits, reducing hayfever systems and asthma attacks. There is further information on this Wikipedia Air Purifier page,

Air Purifier Guides

We take a closer look to explain how they work and the benefits they offer. We have lots of guides with great tips and advice to help you select the best air purifier for your individual needs. A good place to start is by taking a look at our types of air purifier guide , our air pollutants guide and our guide to HEPA filters.

Latest News

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